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Updated Issues  4/25 Empty Updated Issues 4/25

Post by Marrow375 on Mon Apr 25, 2016 11:01 pm

Rather than blow your Steam up, I thought I would list everything here that I've noticed the last few days.

1) UGV (Stomper) is spawning in on top of people recently for some reason.
2) Town Invasions are only spawning 1 at a time and usually in a field rather than a town. Not sure if that can be modified at all.
3) Exile mission "Free Safe - Code 0000" is actually a tent for some reason.
4) Noticing long periods of time where Salt Flats / Pyrsos Miiltary / Slums Base aren't up. Seems to be the last hour before restart. HC getting bogged down b/c of #5?
5) Massive uptick in AI spawns. Seems the "Seeker" AI are spawning in every few minutes and in two groups of 3. This would actually be fine if it was predictable and we could just take out the town spawns all together and increase the timer a little. As it is, I think the server is getting bogged down with all the AI. (remember we turned the town spawns back on for the Youtuber)
6) Definite difference in skill level of ALL AI. This includes seekers, town spawns and military spawns. 3 days ago I could kill 3-4 out of a 12 man spawn before they even noticed me. Today they saw me before I saw them and would kill me within 1-2 shots if I didn't immediately take cover. That would be fine for military spawns, but seekers and town spawns should be much less difficult.
7) 50 cals on the Pyrsos Militia missoin are spawning on top of each other and knocking each other over.... in fact they may be shooting at each other. Not on same team? Do we need different GPS coords for the "new and improved" 50cal guys?

Thoughts: I'm fine with the AI being more difficult I just wish I knew WHY they are more difficult so we can plan better. As they are right now with seekers really picking up, we should increase the timer to 10min and take town spawns out all together. It also effects the Military areas as they are a handful already w/o 6 more guys just as difficult spawning in. The seekers are also popping in right on top of you sometimes instead of the next sector as designed. Not to mention the occasional random UGV Stomper which is a relatively new thing (in the last week or so but more frequent now). I'd prefer not to have UGV's spawn in at all, as they are a royal pain in the ass. Is it possible since we turned down the number of missions and the helicopter AI that AI are just now behaving as they should have been all along (difficulty level)? And perhaps the Seekers just keep spawning in and never despawn and that is bogging the server down causing the missions not to spawn towards restart time?


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