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List of general issues Empty List of general issues

Post by Marrow375 on Sun Apr 03, 2016 1:20 pm

Can't sling load some vehicles with Helis  (need to be able to sling all available land vehicles except perhaps the Hemmitt/Tempest/Zamak/Ural/tanks)

"Friendly" AI spawns seem to come in on people's bases.  It's fine if that is a feature to protect your base, but most of them are unarmed and they chatter A LOT.   Take out if possible.

Town Invasions are still confusing b/c you can't tell if you are going to get a reward or not.   Also, some of the small town invasions I've cleared everything within a mile of the town and it won't finish the mission.  (I know you are working on this already, just adding to the list)

LRPS/NV scope is broken, need to just take it out. Leave the regular LRPS please.  Smile

Hatchback's have floating wheels/doors.  There is a fix out there for Exile, just not sure where it is.

For Capture Points sometimes the Jet blows up the Cap point, and sometimes it just flies over and the base goes poof.

UAV terminal doesn't seem to be working with the Darters.   Same bug I was getting with the missle trucks, pops you back out when you try to "take controls".

Some players are having problems with the UH-60 choppers.  Tail rotors going out for no reason.  Happens when sling loading vehicles.


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