New Issues - 4/9

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New Issues -  4/9 Empty New Issues - 4/9

Post by Marrow375 on Sat Apr 09, 2016 1:39 pm

1) Currently some of the "Free Gas" missions are spawning AI inside of un-enterable buildings so that you can't complete the mission. Even after teleporting inside and deleting the AI the mission won't complete. Also some of the AI have Titan AA Launchers, but no rockets in their inventory (no backpack) if that can be adjusted.

2) AI Pawnee's are flying through the safezone and getting the "god-mode" bug and keep it unless deleted. We fought one for 5min and he wouldn't take damage.

3) BMP's/ETR-60/Land Rover Ambulance wobble when you drive them. Doesn't effect driving but makes them awkward looking.

4) 50cal trucks can't tow. Tanks can be towed, but can't tow themselves. Hemmitt's can be towed, but can't tow

5) Need to make the IR/NVG [optic_mas_term] (thermal scope) much more expensive. (10k)

6) Old Tractor is bugged in menu, takes money but can't buy it.


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