New AI spawns.... ouch!

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New AI spawns.... ouch! Empty New AI spawns.... ouch!

Post by Marrow375 on Thu Mar 24, 2016 10:00 am

So last night I decided to test our new AI spawns in various spawn towns around the map to see how it plays. I could write a long story about how I died several times, ran into several (3-4 groups of 5-Cool AI in each town w/o ever finding another gun, and was forced to log in as admin to get ESP and spawn myself a weapon and scope in before I could even come close to holding my own... but I digress.. lol.

Suggestions based on gameplay:

1) Decrease the spawn rate of AI back down to about 1/2 what it is right now. Especially, if we are concentrating the spawns in towns. As a Bambi you just get owned right now trying to loot. Keep the custom spawns in the military areas, as they should have more AI guarding the loot......but have the respawn timer increased to 10-12min to allow time to loot between waves of AI. As it is, the military bases are great fun b/c you have the guns/ammo to fight them off but very little time to loot. The towns are a nightmare and would make me want to log out.

2) Increase the gun spawns of 6.5 and .556 rifles in towns to allow Bambi's the chance to defend themselves as they are looting. Those 2 clips in the PDW go quick if you are fighting more than one group of 5-8 AI. Giving a weapon on spawn was meant to help with the one group of 3-4 you MIGHT run into as you are looting for a better gun. It's not working out that way currently.

3) Accuracy. I think when you downloaded the new AX3AI pack yesterday it defaulted back to the original difficulty, b/c the AI I was running into didn't miss... ever. I was seriously getting owned in towns and could barely hold my own in a military tower with a gun/scope. Not to mention getting shot at as I'm floating in by 2-3 different groups. For new players it will probably drive them from the server. The custom scripts seemed easier maybe, but the regular spawn AI were deadly accurate.

4) Vehicle AI. I know this sounds silly, but it seems the vehicle AI are much more accurate and difficult than the other spawns. Is this possible? I had several vehicles stop and 2 AI would jump out and shoot me dead before I could even do anything. This has always seemed to be the case, but really noticed it last night playing w/o any admin power and assuming the AI difficulty is back to default this makes sense. They might not be harder than the others, it just seems that way b/c you usually don't have cover when a vehicle rolls up on you beside the road. Not sure on this and the new AX3A defaulting back to the original difficulty would explain it i guess.

Just my thoughts after playing last night w/o any admin powers. It's brutal out there right now! Smile


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New AI spawns.... ouch! Empty Re: New AI spawns.... ouch!

Post by FooodComa on Thu Mar 24, 2016 5:24 pm

Start the player with a decent low level weapon, preferably from the mas mod, say a basic m4 or scar with a mag or two. Increase gun spawns and especially the mas gun spawns everywhere military and towns


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New AI spawns.... ouch! Empty Re: New AI spawns.... ouch!

Post by Papahyooie on Thu Mar 24, 2016 9:21 pm

All that is already in place. Smile

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New AI spawns.... ouch! Empty Re: New AI spawns.... ouch!

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