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Post by DoofyDave on Sun Nov 08, 2015 11:06 pm

so i like this server and some of the players. yall are some chill people but it seems like its nothing but bitching and bitching when i kill people. so then i get my base camped with thermals and im not supposed to be annoyed...... i dont want to but im gonna be looking for another server since so many folks on here play as if they are on minecraft. i dont know about yall but having someone bitch and bitch when ever you kill them is annoying. Just to have them camp your base with the ever so skillful thermal. fuck that. so hope all goes well with the server papa it was fun chillen.

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Post by Papahyooie on Mon Nov 09, 2015 9:34 am

I'm sorry you feel that way Dave. The only advice I can give is to ignore them. Bitching can't affect you if you don't read their comments. As for them camping your base with a thermal:
1: Spawn somewhere else, gear up, then go find and kill them.
2. How do you know they had a thermal?
3. You hate thermals so much, the next Exile patch is actually going to remove them, so you won't have to worry about them then.

I gave you guys the chance to work it out amongst yourselves last night. I can't jump in and moderate every conversation though. I hope you'll change your mind and come back, Dave. I honestly enjoy having you around. I've never made any insinuation that this was a PVE server, or that PVP was not allowed. So I've generally laughed along with you when I see people bitching about getting killed. Ragequitting is what whiners do, and I know you're not a whiner, Dave. If you feel like you need to go that's your prerogative. We will be here if you change your mind. Whatever you choose, thanks for being a part of Battleborne. I do hope you stay.

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